Absent Toooo Long !

Well, Folks, classes are over. I can now recover my own creative energy and steer some of it toward paper and canvas. Life, has, however, chosen to step into my intended path somewhat and handed me some challenges . . . . .some worth complaining about, some worth cheering about. All have to be handled.

A computer crash was one of the things that happened and has dealt me a death blow right in the center of my photoshop software! Gads ! Not Thaaaaaaat ! Then the loss of some 700 email addresses . . . . ;-(( oi ! One would think that after having had to endure that little piece of grief more than twice, I would know how to maintain that file . . . .but noooooo!

Painting. That is my goal. To return to the brush. But first I must share something which touched me to the core. . . . .
The above painting was sold to a client with whom I have grown deeply fond of. She acquired the painting last summer. This Spring, my birthday came along (as it does every year) and she brought a gift to the house. With all the rush of the day's work in real estate and other distractions, I wasn't able to open the gift till later in the evening long after dinner. Not sure of what to expect, I opened it and was rocked by what I saw: A small beautiful "quilt" in the image of the painting above laid in the package . . .staring up at me. The implications of this gift made my heart swell. Apparently, the painting had such impact on her, she felt moved to honor that impact by sending back this beautifully hand made image all in fabric! I doubt I have ever had any painting honored with so much heart from anyone. In a day or two, I will post an image for you to see. (since losing photoshop and much much more it may take a little longer) . . . .thank you, Dear Paula, you have left me speechless!
And so, dear reader, the world is filled with acknowledgement of all kinds. Just this week, my watercolor classes stood for the world to see their work . . . .their very hard work . . .over ten weeks to develop a series of 20 paintings with changed design in each iteration. Each person made new breakthroughs and was thrilled with the results they had accomplished . . .and I was affirmed that 33 painters opened and discovered their own possibilities as painters. They each found something in themself they had not realized exisited. They saw for the first time their own style tendencies and they discovered that in spite of their doubts, they COULD do the extraordinary. And they did!!! It was an honor to lead these people to find something in them selves they had not known before. It was exciting to watch their discovery and the results that they found for trusting themselves and honoring their own intentions at the easel! These classes take energy, but the rewards are beyond description! I hope to have images from some of the painters soon . . .I will share some of them with you.
Meanwhile . . .it's great to be back! We'll be seeing more of each other, for sure.