Been Tagged

I have been TAGGED.

I was just recently “tagged” by Frank Gardener, who is an artist in Mexico. He tagged four others whom you can see if you click his link here. You might want to do a backward search from his tags to see how this came about. There are some amazing people behind this stuff!!!!

What it means . . . .

It is sort of like a chain letter, but not anonymous. It is a ‘pause to acknowledge’ and a way to introduce those of whom we admire, or care for, to others who visit our blogs. In the world of art, this is helping those who are tagged in their quest to become more well known and to expand their sphere. It is, also, a tipping of our hats to those folks and their work. Read on. You will find these people to be unique and very talented.

If you have been tagged, please follow these rules.
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as wellas links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

The facts about me . . .

1. I scream and yell with excitement while I paint alone in my studio. (Sort of like cheering at a football game.)
2. I get butterflies when I am with my wife. No, this isn’t crazy or weird. She really is an amazing, wonderfully exciting lady. I adore her and her antics! Barely an hour passes without us giggling about something together!
3. The reason I paint is to answer the challenge of it and become better at it. For me, every painting is about growth.
4. My life has been BLESSED because of art and all the fantastic people to which it has introduced me. Every aspect of my life is magical because of art.
5. Learning is an unbelievable tonic that energizes me. I never want to stop.
6. While seemingly an extrovert, I am deeply analytical, introspective and thoughtful.
7. I think most of life is hilarious. . . .for that reason, I LOVE life !

Why I Tagged These People . . .

Besides their talent, they stand out as having unusually fine character.

Robin Weiss . . . .this guy has been a blog pal from the beginning and was key in helping my confidence to continue blogging. . . .and he still is. But the real reason is that he has extraordinary character as a family man.

W.K. “Bill” Moore . . . .Holy Cats! Just look at his art. He stands above the crowd with the content and skill in his watercolor paintings featuring the street culture in Bogotá, Columbia. I cannot imagine being in some of the places he went to capture art subjects. It, frankly, scares me!

David Darrow . . . he has been in the daily painting world for a long time. . . Through Dave’s quiet encouragement in one letter, I went forth into the daily painters’ sphere. David packs around a huge heart. Just read a few of his posts. I would bet big on him in a contest of character. He seems to have a ton of it. His art? Out of this world!

Sandra Flood . . . .I have only recently discovered Sandra and her work. Just one look is all it took. She has cornered the “WOW Factor” in her art. Her pieces show off the artist’s hand and speak with enormous emotion. What she does with edges just amaze me. Sandra, you ROCK!

Silvina Day . . .One very beautiful person who is driven to know as much about painting as she can gather . . .and she shares all with youngsters. Quite a lady!!

S.L. “Stacey” Peterson . . . . . .I saved her for last because she really touched me recently in one of her posts (Sept 17, 2007). Stacey stands above most in the ‘admire / respect’ category. With a baby, she and her husband each quit their jobs to do what they loved to do (she, her art and he, to build houses) and make their living doing it! That is pure courage! She just finished her first one woman show! WOW !
Stacey, I hope this tag, and your subsequent tags will extend your market reach somehow and help you build the fame you so deserve. As you know, every little bit helps!