"Blowhard II"
Watercolor 22 x 30 inches

Every now and then, something Pops up that we all have to scurry around for . . . 

I have just been informed by the Sunnyvale Art Gallery (in Sunnyvale, California) that I will be giving a workshop there,  "Painting Beyond the Obvious,"  January 14 through 18, 2013.   Watercolor or acrylic.

Painting demonstrations, Lectures, Exercises, Painting and plenty of interesting and exciting stuff for five full days!   Learn how you can devise incredible paintings with fascinating designs  . . . .how you can adopt a subject as your special learning partner . . . .how to throw away your photos and paint from your heart to get exciting results.   It is all about the stuff that isn't very obvious to most people.   We will be exposing painting secrets that you will be able to take away to your studio and use for the rest of your painting life.

Call Sue Kim at 408-737-7760 for all the details and how to enroll.   Act fast as it will fill very quickly!