Among the Binge . . .

"Sunflower Patch"
Watercolor 15 x 22 inches

I mentioned, yesterday, the painting binge I have found myself in.   All in the name of improving my skills.   I also referred to the failures which show up when exploring new techniques and unfamiliar approaches.   However, there are some trials which simply insist on coming out well . . .even if the approach was unfamiliar.

Part of that binge I was on was also while we were in France during June and the first two weeks of July.  (If you didn't go on this last trip, you missed a marvelous experience!)   Everywhere we went I took photos of everything.  I returned home with over 500 pics and plenty from which to paint a record of the places we visited.

This little painting was one such piece that came about from travel photos.   Sunflowers blooming in the distance right in the beautiful Perigord Region.  As you can see, this piece contained some of the beginnings of the atmospheric experiment project.