Breaking Out . . .

Watercolor 22 x 30 inches

I had no idea the business of art and the business of art society stewardship would keep me so busy. Add to that a little bit of part time work, home duties etc. and life simply escapes me.

I have been cussing under my breath for some time about the robbery of painting time and finally have broken out to get to pure easel time. Oh, I have been at the easel for little snippets of time, painted a bit, but in the end my dissatisfaction with the effort made it not worth it. But I know better. Of course it was worth it. I was showing up for the muse to come visit. Maybe she didn't, but I worked at keeping my paints and brushes wet.

A few days ago, I drove to the Monterey Penninsula to visit a dentist there. My eyes popped out of my head as I could see acres of ice plant draping the dunes along the beach in every color of red, rose, russet, orange, burgundy, magenta and more. I had my trusty camera with me and a little extra time to gather a few reference photos. This painting, "Patches" is exactly what I was hoping for! It still isn't up to my standards when I am in the studio daily, but it sure relieved those achy painting joints . . . .and my grouchiness from not really getting to put in some creative time.

Happy Holidays to you and yours! My wife and I have lovely plans which have much to do with our family . . . . .and my easel!!