The Endless Fountain . . .

watercolor 15 x 22 inches

Every year around this time, to get ready for Open Studio, I clean out my flat files . . .and sometimes, I move furniture in my studio to readjust things. There is a serendipity that occurs, literally, every single year: I find works I had forgotten about completely. Many times they are simple musings, others they are terrible failures I had hoped to save at some point. Yet, once in a while, an old painting will surface that rocks me back on my heels and makes me wonder why it was hidden away. Here is one, "Parade," which I cannot imagine why it was hiding. Of course, I had to put a few finishing touches on it, but, for one reason or another, I love looking at it.

I believe this painting is approaching 12 to 14 years old. I can see quite a difference in the way the paint sits on the surface versus how I paint now. . . . . .a sure lesson for not throwing away your old paintings: we can really see our progress.

I found a few more, too. But you'll have to wait to see those. :-) That flat file has been giving up surprises every year. There must be something pushing that stuff to the surface!

I have come to the point that I don't worry too much about having paintings for Open Studio. 10 drawers of paintings have never let me down!

By the way . . .are you planning to come to Open Studio?