More From the Binge

"Merced ZigZag"
watercolor 15 x 22 inches

You may be getting the picture that I am playing with rocks . . . .but more than that, playing with big compositional shapes. This one resembling the "S" shape.

This piece, along with the others, are all from pictures along the Merced River just below Yosemite, where the canyon is still steep and big rock slides are commonplace. Some of the rocks there are mind bogglingly huge . . . . .and their shapes are really interesting. At certain times of the day, the light and shadow make wonderful abstract patterns . . . .there must be several hundred photos of them in my computer files!

One would think 'Painting simple things like rocks? Easy!' Nope ! I have been messing with painting the darned things since twenty years and am still trying to master them. Sure is fun trying, though!

As for the Binge, there are more paintings to reveal later. Stay tuned.