A Great Excuse !

So! I haven't been painting because I have been travelling. The last week of June, I was in Boone, North Carolina, teaching some brief workshops for Cheap Joes Art Stuff. It was a wonderful experience and a terrific opportunity to get to know some marvelous folks.

This week and the next I must report that I am undergoing a loathsome serving out of an obligation I committed to some months ago: I am spending two weeks in Hawaii. Yes, it is indeed difficult. The weather is more than special and the scenery is something out of a story book. Painting? Not at all . . . . .well, some little sketches. But who can paint when there is so much to look at here?

Right in front of our housing . . . . .a condo right at the edge of the water . . . . Sea Turtles surface every minute or so. Big, blue green waves smash the rocks and send snow white plumes of foam 40 to 50 feet in the air. The pounding of the waves can be heard at night while we sleep. I tell you, this is very, very difficult to endure! ;-)

Swimming, snorkeling, eating, walking, sight seeing, eating, visiting galleries, eating and just plain loafing is what my wife and I are doing. Am doing a lot of reading and simply resting . . . . . .heck! I shouldn't even be doing this!!!

So, please forgive my laziness. My easel will see me soon enough.

Meanwhile, I am laying claim to this excuse.