Workshops . . .

"Sonoma Vineyard"
22x30 inches

The painting above is from a series of photos taken while on a visit to Sonoma, California to spend a weekend with a dear friend, Mr. Dick Cole. As you may know, Dick is a fabulous painter and is the President Emeritus of NWS. The reason for my visit last year was that I was taking on the presidency of that same organization. So, being the pals we are, Dick and I, and our wives, during that weekend, sat about drinking the fine wines of the area, sightseeing, dining at a great restaurant and generally shooting the breeze about the directions and my vision for NWS.

I hadn't accounted for the fact that my workshop schedule might be impacted by taking on the presidency of such an august body as NWS, but it has, indeed. I am disappointed that I must follow a more limited schedule than usual. Because priorities dictated that my NWS 2011 schedule be set first, I could make only a few commitments for workshops. Now that the schedule has been decided, I am fortunate to report that I have but two to three available time slots for 2011.

If you know of an organization that is seeking a lively watercolor workshop instructor to bring design and composition to life for a group of enthusiastic painters, have the organization email me at

I am expecting to be on both coasts of the USA more than once this year, so give me a shout!

Meanwhile, I will be "suffering" (while living the dream) with brush in hand at lush locations, such as Sonoma or California's central coast to make some excitement come to life on a piece of paper or canvas. Rough life!! ;-)

An exciting year is ahead and I plan on being right in the thick of the excitement!

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