Conflicting Urges

"Yosemite Humpback"

watercolor, 22 x 30 inches

I just finished this piece. It was a challenge in color management because I first tinted the paper with yellow. As you already know, the addition of violet would be grayed and any blues would appear green. So, I had to play with pigments to get the desired effects of a sunny haze.

As I am preparing for Open Studio, which happens Oct 9,10 and 16,17 here at home, I am often hammered with the desire to escape from all the work and just paint. Making this event happen is fully three to four weeks of continuous work from framing, to tidying, to building display facilities in the yard to sorting the piles of work to see what qualifies and what does not. Since I am not one who does well in boring tasks, this big chore pushes me every year close my eyes and forget it. I suppose, the deeply felt urge to paint is an excape . . . . .but I painted anyway. And it is a good thing I did. The act of painting, for most of the painters I know, is a positive energy tonic for us all. It felt so good, I just HAD to paint another . . . .which I will post later . . . .and have ideas for more.

Oh! You are invited to my open studio. If you didn’t receive a card in the mail, send me your address and I get one into the snail mail right away.

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