Answering Urges

"Autumn Heat"
Watercolor, 22 x 30 inches

In my last post I mentioned that Open Studio is approaching this coming October 9,10 and 16,17. Okay. So you already knew that.

In getting geared up for it, I have spent much time in the studio cleaning, tidying, making displays for visitors and other stuff. While there, of course, the ideas for paintings keep showing up as I am puttering. Eventually, I find myself in vivid dreams at night until I cannot stand it any longer . . . . . . . . . . .I rise at 4AM, make the coffee and head to the studio.

Did I mention that I am going on my annual trek to Yosemite for a week long painting retreat at month end? Oh yes!! And I always begin the build the excitement a month ahead.

So, there I am in the studio mucho early and thinking about Yosemite. What am I to do? give myself a manicure????? Heck no!!! I turn on the computer in which there are hundreds of my photos of Yosemite and begin sketching. And the ideas are romping through my head at a fast gallup!

Recently, I have been playing with some opaques in my paintings, using gouache in various places to gain different effect. There is another place where I am excitedly chomping at the bit to 'see what happens' when I put the opaques to work. I am finding I can contrive some very interesting effects with them, as you can see in this painting.

I'll be posting more about my experiences with gouache, as I have already completed more paintings and put it to use.

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