"Edge of Summer"
watercolor, 22 x 30 inches
At this time of year, I clean out my flat files to find what to exhibit at my annual Open Studio.
There are always a few unfinished paintings on which I became stuck, or unable to finish for one reason or another . . . . .usually it is some design indecision and huge doubt about continuing that causes me to stop and put the painting away. Often times, the painting will lean against my studio wall where I can see it. Eventually, the idea becomes stale and the painting ends up languishing in the flat file . . . .sometimes for 5 or more years!!
In the clean out process, I will invariably come across one or two that yell out to me to finish. And they do so with instant knowledge of what needs doing. You might even say that this is a resurrection from the boneyard because many simply wait to be destroyed and thrown out.
It is nice to be able to pull one out, now and then, which speaks to me so loudly. This one did . . . . . . .and I'm now happy that I saved it for the time to let my knowledge catch up to what was needed in the painting.

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