A Note To Followers and Visitors

Go visit http://www.chriswillwalk.com/

Chris, a young father of two and loving husband, sustained a severe spinal injury a few weeks ago through a freak accident. And, he had no health insurance.

Read the story for yourself. Visit the blog. And do him and his family a favor . . . .just a small one:

If you have a blog, put the web link on it. . . . .and call attention to it.

Through whatever means you have, spread the word to others to visit Chris's site and blog.

This action will help make contact around the world and will implore those who see his and his family's plight to contribute or help . . . .even a little bit.

Just IMAGINE how many people COULD be helping if you put in a little bit . . .like a link.

The multiples that are possible really are mind blowing. Let's all pitch in with just a little help.

Link to http://www.chriswillwalk.com/. What have you got to lose?