Life Can Be Cruel

Please excuse my changing the subject here. This is very important to my family.

Years ago, my youngest daughter met an angel of a girlfriend. They went all thru college together and were each maids of honor at each other’s weddings . . . .and, of course, have been like sisters from the outset. I feel like Christy’s dad . . .she is a dear, dear friend. Her husband, Chris, met with a freak accident a week ago at a neighbor’s pool. The current prognosis is that Chris will not walk again. This is a strong young father who is devoted to his family and recently, because of employment changes, is uninsured and needs help. With surgeries, children to care for, and all the events that attend such a cruel change in life, medical and other costs are mounting beyond anyone’s ability to stay abreast.

I call your attention to this in hopes you may find it in your heart to assist in some way. See the new website This great family needs our help and our prayers!