glacier 1

Glacier 2

Glacier 3

The “walkabout” is over. I am back. I am painting again.

Back from where, you ask? From the cold, cold north!

We went to Alaska and Canada. And it was phenomenal !!

Here are some pics to see what we saw. Maybe you can get a sense of the immensity of what lies in Alaska. Click on each pic to enlarge it and view what is to be seen there. All three of the photos are of the same glacier.

Glacier 1 is a photo of a glacier as our ship approached it from a few miles away. The white glacier is the obvious. Beyond that, what appears to be a large pile of dirt just to the right of the hill coming into the photo from the left is another glacier (much dirtier) which has pushed huge amounts of rock and dirt ahead of it as if it were a bulldozer. That glacier extends far to the right for over a mile on its face.

Glacier 2 is a photo of the glacier as we drew up to it in the ship. You can see the ‘texture’ of this giant. No place to step. It is far from being innocent snow! This is centuries old, compressed ice with crevasses that are hundreds of feet deep in some cases. One slip and fall on this surface would be certain death. And when it calved . . . .the roar was deafening! This is no playground, that is for sure!

The next photo, Glacier 3 is a photo of the face of the glacier. Look closer!! Midway from center toward the edge of the photo at the 8 o’clock position is a kayak with 2 people in it. They are ¼ to ½ mile from the face of the glacier! The size comparison gives an idea of the scale of that ice face . . .over 300 feet high from the surface of the water . . . .and the glacier extends 300 to 500 feet below the surface!! Big? Heck! This is Ginormous!!