Left Behind to Wander

Here in California and a few other regions of the USA, we are briefly treated in the spring time with the blossoms of wisteria vines. This vine is trained and domesticated to climb various arbors, arches and patio covers by home owners. It is truly spectacular when it blooms, but drops it’s blossoms in but a week or two.

A friend called me to paint with him this week and urged me to come to his neighborhood because the wisteria is in bloom.

Evidently, the last remains of an old, over grown home site are the scrambling wisteria that no one notices among the entangled trees during normal months. Somehow, this vine was left behind to grow wild. In the spring, it jumps to view as a cascade of lavender blooms falling from the crest of an old oak some fifty feet off the ground. And, it has spread over a wide area, virtually invading every plant that extends above the ground.

Yes, we painted. Who could resist? Rather than post the painting, I think it more a gift for you to see this fleeting wonder of nature. Amazing, no?