Working Mulitples

"Rotating Still"
watercolor, 15 x 22 inches
This vase has been in my family since 50 years. And the lil rascal has been taunting me to paint her in an extraordinary way. You have probably seen a few versions . . . .the last post not withstanding.

An artist friend told me how he taught eighth grade kids about cubism. He put a still life set up in the middle of a square table, asked the kids to sit on one side, and draw the subject in a five minute time limit. Then, they would move to another side for five minutes . . .and so on until they completed superimposing drawing over drawing over drawing on four sides of the table. Then he sent the kids home to “fill in the spaces.”

The vase and the little pottery piece have been begging. So, today, after a dozen different drawings, I decided on doing the above exercise . . .in four non similar view points . . .sitting at different angles and slightly different heights to draw the still life (vase and jug) sitting in front of a large brass lamp four different versions superimposed one over the other.

At first the lines are confusing . . .and after a spell, it becomes exciting to play with different, nonsensical combinations . . .filling in spaces, varying colors, putting the wrong things in different places . . .building a combined composition that is pleasing.

I had a blast! I could hardly put the brush down today. It was sooo much fun!!

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