A Weekend Away . .

"San Pedro Morn"
watercolor, 15 x 22 inches
There are times when the easel just has to wait. This time, it has been too long.
As you may know, I have two classes for which I must prep . . .and some other workshops I am getting ready for . . . and now, a new assignment on a board of directors with an organization out of town. That assignment has me visiting southern California occasionally. This last weekend was one of those visits. A short flight to LA then on to my hotel near the Los Angeles Harbor.
Wow! What a place that is. I had the chance to go for a few walks in the early morning and a long one on Sunday. Huge ships, tug boats, beautiful golden light, and apparati for loading and unloading ships that would boggle anyone's mind. They are absolutely enormous (tens of stories high!) and the horizon is littered with them. They are rather strange in appearance and remindful of the "Star Wars" movies.
Here is an image of one of the large tankers parked in the morning light in one of the harbor channels. The colors, the different values of the two shores and horizon and the golden light had me stopped in my tracks more than several times. After taking over 150 photos, I had to hurry to the easel to get something down in paint. A very interesting trip and painting project!

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