Today's Efforts

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The goal today was to begin to equalize values across the painting . . .as stated in yesterday's post. Another 15 thin glazes were added and some corrections in a few places. As the glazes progessed, there is a noticable intensity difference in the large orangish shape . . . particularly near where the white shape is crossed by one line. There are some exposure difficulties keeping the actual image from revealing itself . . . such as the upper left corner appearing much darker than it really is.
Line was a missing element that began to be introduced and, in so doing, divided space for more interest. I am still not sure of where this is going or how it will turn out, though I have acquired some general intetions about it at this point.
This is an entirely different exercise for me since there was absolutely NO planning at all. The entire abstraction is derived from making random marks. More work will happen tomorrow . . . . . . .and I will attempt to fix the exposure difficulties. Am working with a different photo set up and need to adjust the lighting.
More tomorrow.

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