An Excellent Painter Discovered

Milind Mulick's Painting . . . .
I suppose when an artist blogs about his work, as I do, it should be about his own work.
This time it isn't.
Occaisionally, I run accross an artist whose work stands out among the rest and offers me something to investigate and study. Milind Mulick, an artist in India, appeared in my comment section a week ago. I had to go see him and his work via cyberspace. The trip was a most valuable one.
Go see for yourself. Mr. Mulick does very fine work . . .and unexpectedly so! Frankly, I expected some traditional Asian work that was not at all up to date or enticing to us westerners. I was shocked and very entertained by this gentleman's acuity with the paint brush and his obvious confidence in his work.
I am adding his link to my list on the blog but you can click HERE to see his blog. May I also suggest you visit his website?