Another Incubation / Reconciliation

"Misty Brilliance II"
Oil on canvas, 24" x30"
Back in July, (scroll back to July 17 and 21), I attempted this painting, "reconciled" it, then set it aside. I wasn't happy with a number of different aspects . . . . . .color being one of them. I had let the colors get merky from not wiping my brush often enough. Also, both of the July versions seemed broken up to me. Neither version flowed to a center of interest . . . and there was a perspective problem.
Beginning early this morning, I tackled it again . . .and this time I scored. The photo here is not quite how it looks. There are a few extra edges in the photo that don't appear in the painting. Go figger dat!! The painting, however, has the brilliance I was after in the foreground and the spacial separation between the two bluffs. I am also pleased with the atmospheric sensation of the sun breaking through the fog. This time, it is going into a frame!
Never say die!!

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