Absolutely Perrrrrr fect !!

"Academy Cliffs"
oil on canvas panel, 8" x 10"
Omigawd! I came in from painting outdoors today in near perfect 80 degree weather with low humidity and a very teensy haze through which you could see 60 plus miles.
And we were in a little known place standing on the edge of a high bluff . . .80 to 100 feet high . . .right next to the beach . . . .now get THIS !!!! We were watching over a dozen pods of dolphins screaming thru the waves right next to the beach. Each pod had 6 to 10 dolphins . . .they were going crazy!! Then about 1/4 of mile out to sea, whales were breaching and spouting and flipping their big tails up in the air!! Pelicans were diving after fish and there were lots of gulls circling round to get the scraps from the pellies . . . . .It was a veritable circus!!!!

Normally, we don't see dolphins because the water is consderably more cold here than in the southern states . . . .like Florida . . . .and the whales don't usually appear until January . . .and they are generally further out to sea. But today, they were all cavorting and jumping out of the water and we were the only ones watching this show!

I guess that this really is paradise!! Today was perrrr fect !!!