Sans Drawing

watercolor, 15" x 22"
Since I have very little time to paint while prepping for open studio, I am taking a little time in the mornings for some recreation and challenge at the easel.

Today, working with only a value sketch (2” x 3”) and not doing any drawing on the paper, I painted negative shapes and shadow shapes (good ole “light and shadow” again!) and left the whites. I have to admit that there was some hesitance to do this . . .in fact, “fear” might be a better word. And I struggled. The shapes are a little rough in places, but that is why I did it without a drawing; to get shapes I could never deliberately make (my corrective instinct is too strong!)
As I saw in the value sketch, it is the way all the whites interact together to make a simple composition and the dazzling contrast which makes this genre of paintings a total blast to do.

In the end, the whole thing comes to life with the addition of simple line work (calligraphy).

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