National Award

"MOMA's Veertigo"
watercolor 22" x 30"
This painting, posted a few weeks ago, was accepted into the National Watercolor Society's (NWS) annual national show. Nice! :-)
I was just informed that it has been honored, also, with nice cash award.
This means my wife and I will be attending the NWS show and awards luncheon in Southern California in September. Not only will it be fun, but seeing the show up close and personal always opens new possibilities in my mind for future work.
Am still busy prepping for the color workshop one week from today. I am actually enjoying some of the prepartation work as I paint a still life in several different color schemes for examples. I get a kick out of testing something several different ways. It really is an eye opener . . . . and it forces me to attempt things I might not otherwise do.
Big weekend here at the house: THE wedding is happening! busy, busy bizzzy !!! :-)

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