Another Experiment . . .

Water based oil experiment
on gessoed masonite . . 10" x 10"
Just before departing for Europe in a week, I am toying with the idea of carrying water mixable oil paints with me. I had never used or tried those that I purchased for the same reason last year . . . and left in a drawer. I obtained a sample of the fast drying medium made by WN "Artisan" water mixable oils and went to work.
In less than 40 minutes I laid down a grisaille in ultramarine blue and white, then overpainted with color, using just a warm and cool of each primary (and white). Also, I tried two new brushes . . .mongoose bristle . . .which is sort of an inbetween bristle between sable and hog bristle. I like what the brushes leave behind and their softer feel. More play and experiments are called for, but so far I like what I see.
I found the paints to be fun to use, but it took a little getting used to a somewhat gummy feel at times . . . .I would expect this without the lovely buttery feel of oil saturated paint.
This is, by no means, a good painting . . . .but it was an effort for the day and a revealing exercise about a variation on a medium. For international travel, I think these paints will be just fine! And I won't have to hassle buying materials on the other end (where every place and art supplie are unfamiliar) that are prohibited on airplanes. I may even take them out here to see what they'll do under real circumstances.

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