Not Quite Done . . .

And so you are wondering *What* isn't quite done.

The intense work, that's what. I am giving a workshop in San Jose in two weeks. While I have given this workshop before, I have spent the last 8 days, minimum 6 to 8 hours in the studio (from very early morn) till I can't stand any more. I have been overhauling, inspecting, re thinking and rewriting every moment of this workshop so that it will go off without a hitch.

It's all about color. Now you can *talk about* color or you can learn by *doing* color. Every ten minutes is planned !!! I am at the point now where I must paint some examples to show so that the concepts are understood. . . . . . . .and I gotta tell ya . . .I am learning a TON! . . .again!

Thanks all you folks who have sought me out to give me the "Arte y Pico" award. And I really mean it when I say "Thanks" . . .I am flattered and pleased that you find my work both well done and helpful in your own quests to improve. Five elections in eight days is really nice, however, due to my shedule right now, I cannot reciprocate and pass it along. The last time that I was "tagged" I found myself embroiled for three hours plus to seek permission and get it all done. So, while I am flattered, at this time I need to concentrate on getting my work done . . .why the pressure? Our daughter is getting married this coming weekend and visitors are coming from everywhere. If I am not done soon, I will be 'in the soup', so to speak.

So, please, bear with me for a few more days till I can post something . . .

In the meanwhile . . .you gotta know we are excited about this weekend . . .and gaining a son!