Just Before Dinner

"Aspens Corner"
oil on canvas panel, 8" x 10"
In the late afternoon, yesterday, I ran out of gas. I HAD to sit down and rest. We have been ‘touring’ through Wyoming . . . .driving, walking, standing, shopping, gallery looking, etc . . . .and I came to a physical halt. Just couldn’t do any more. I had to rest.

So, I found a stool, took my paints and went to our front yard to sit and paint for a while. This is what came out. And this is what it really looks like!! Rough neighborhood, eh?

I had taken about 15 photos with my digital camera (has an SD card) . . .and none of the photos recorded onto the card. When examining the card on computer, the numbers assigned to the images skip those numbers of the photos taken, but the images are no where to be found. Does anyone know why this might happen, or how to avoid it in the future?

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