Another Plein Air Attempt

"Rincon Cove"
oil on canvas panel, 12 x 16

Today held another plein air attempt.

I suppose I can always be counted upon to pick the most complex subject to paint. There are certain things I am drawn to . . . . rocks and water have never failed to hold my interest, but to smite me with their subtle lighting changes, striations and reflections. Here I am supposed to be making paintings to provide to the museum . . .and what do I do? I choose something that has challenged me since I began painting. Nope! Don't pick an easy one. Go for the stuff that'll beat me up if I don't get it right.

Chalk up another one.

For some reason, the image does not upload. Maybe it broke the camera? Do ya suppose it is trying to save me embarrassment?
Finally got it to upload. Here is the effort. I had fun, but I didn't get that delightful "kick" when a great one comes along.

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