Spring In New York City

"Greenwhich Morning"
watercolor, 15" x 22"
A few posts ago, I mentioned that my watercolor, "Pop's Corner" had been accepted into the American Watercolor Society's annual show. Being the prestigous event that it is, I could not stay away. So, my wife and I packed up and flew to NYC to attend the big awards dinner and to meet many of the world's best watercolor painters.
Myrna Wacknov's painting, "Reflections on Turning 65" was also accepted and won a wonderful award. So, we joined her and her husband, Mark Mehaffey (who received the silver medal award) and wife, and the award winning Donna Zagotta & hubby for a wonderful, exciting four days in NYC. Name it, and we did it. Broadway show? Of course! Big Corned Beef sandwiches in famous delis? Natch!! How about subways and ferrys? Yesss! And we even opted to spend an emotional day at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. ( I must say Ms. Liberty is waaaaay more than I expected !! She is enormous and overwhelming!)
Dinners, Lunches, breakfasts and lots of good cheer and laughter accompanied us where ever we went. We took tons of photos of painting subjects and made some tall commitments about raising the painting bar even more in order to be accepted into next years' show.
Upon returning, I could not get certain images out of my head . . .so I set about painting immediately to turn out *something* and get limbered up for some more serious painting. . . .. which is the image above . . . .this scene is a simple common look in the Greewhich Village / Washington Square vicinity. It was fun to paint . . .but certainly tighter than my normal work.
The painting was hardly done when the flu bug came home to roost and has both wife and I on our backsides most of the days . . .it's been more than ten days! . . . .but not all is lost. I am hard at work every day at the easel working on a VERY complex piece to enter into another national show. So far, I have nearly 50 hours already into this new piece and . . . .probably another 50 to go!
I am still alive . . .and back to painting, which is as it should be!

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