Only a Few Left . . . .

"Tournasol Space"
watercolor on paper 30" x 22"
I recently discovered that my computer was messing up and I was only getting about 20% of the emails sent to
So . . . .in case you, or someone else, wrote to me about the upcoming painting workshop in the Perigord Region of France (with me) . . . .the problem is fixed . . . .but I apologize if I didn't answer. A recent computer crash and subsequent recovery with a new computer revealed this disturbing fact.
On the other hand, if 13 days and nites in a semi rural, 17th century farmhouse (with all the comforts and charm) and painting (or not!) through the region sounds appealing, drop me a note and I'll get you the info you need to check it out. The dates are August 27 thru Sept 7 . . . .and we will be arriving as the sunflowers begin to fade. So there will be color everywhere . . . .and wineries . . . .and open markets . . . .and amazing food . . . and terrific companions!
By the way . . . the painting above is exactly what it looks like there. Whaddyathink? eh? :-)
Oh, I almost forgot! If you were with us on the trip last year . . . .leave a comment about it here for others to see.
I have but a few spots left available (no kidding!), so don't delay! Drop me a note at the above email address.