A long Term Project

"Still Life # 62"

Waertcolor on Winsor Newton Paper, 15" x 22"

About two years ago, I undertook a project to learn more about design and shakeout a possible assignment project for my classes. The objective was to paint a single still life set up without changing the point of view or the actual positions of the objects. . . . .and to paint the same set up 20 different times. In short, develop a series. I went off the deep end and have painted over 60 pieces in the project because I had learned so much from it. Ideas for different paintings keep showing up, so I paint them. It is a great way to force oneself not to be enslaved by a subject, but to call up the creative consciousness.

A few weeks ago, my classes began (thus little posting here). This painting is as much for myself as it is for the classess. The groans are loud as they hear the project and what they are to do with it . . .make 20 paintings in ten weeks of the same still life. The objective is to force the painters to think about and try different things with the elements of design; Line, Size, Shape, Direction, Color, Value and Texture. (If this interests you, there are some interesting articles on my web site to read.

My day job has been in the way a bit, also, but my intent is to come back 'swingin'."

So, this was a nice diversion . . . .but it was more about keeping sharp at watercolor and reacquainting myself with my methods after a long layoff with oils.

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