The Search for Subject

"Big Mouth"
oil on canvas panel, 8" x 10"

After the mess made in "Your Table is Ready" . . . .and the disappointment . . . .I decided I needed to be more cautious in choosing what to paint. . . .at least when working small. In a small 'study' sized canvas, there are a lot of things that lose importancee when the shapes get really small. Subtleties count much less . . . . .at least, that is my opinion. So, I search for distinctly large shapes and a clear separation between light and shadow.

It took a while this morning, listening to the rain, wondering if I would come up with something that I could practice the subtleties inside each of the families of light and shadow. No names for things in there, just value and temperature "spots" . . . .actually shapes. Then, when it is nearing completion, I look at edges and little quiet changes of color. For example, I needed to suggest a teensy bit of violet in the water to put warm into the cool and create some sense of a changing plane . . . .like in a wave . . . .or a shift in light. As soon as it hit the canvas, the painting came to life!

As for other subtleties, I think they matter more when painting larger. But that opinion needs to be proven, I suppose. Eh?

Until Next time . . . .

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