New Tricks

"Surf Roost"
oil on canvas panel, 8" x 10"

I had to summon up my watercolor experience to make this painting have a little life . . . .that is the spray and droplets hanging in the air after the wallop of a wave against the base of the rock. Splattering paint . . .even though a simple trick was a necessary technique to bring this piece to a finish. The dark-light contrast of the spray holds the eye into the region I wanted the viewer to concentrate on. While there are birds roosting on the far rock, they are NOT the subject. The sheer drop and color of the rock and how it sits in the water is the subject of this painting. If I had wanted to make the painting about the birds, they would have occupied way more space . . . . .that is they would have been much larger and in a different spot on the canvas. This one was fun! (Aren't they all??)

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