Need a Little Help

In expanding the market for Watercolor Beyond The Obvious (WBTO), I am developing a new website that can be referenced in future ads and pulications.

If you have taken this class, I need a favor . . . .PLEASE.

If you have taken this class, Please email (Click on the little envelope below for my email address) your own brief comments about your experience of the class to me. It doesn't need to be earth shaking. It just needs to be honest so that I can present it to the world. All last names will be withheld, so don't worry about your privacy. If you would permit your full name to be used, please indicate that in your email. These comments will add much to the site, so please don't hesitate.

These testamonials will be posted as they arrive. Click the envelope at the bottom of this post for my email or send it to me directly at

Thanks very much!