So Behind !!

Hi all!

Just a quick note to say that the season has swallowed me and spouse up so that we seem to be running continuously and rarely seeing the studio.

I have had two or three starting attempts, but some alarm goes off in the distance about something and that finishes the start right there. Someone said once, that you get baked in the squat position when that happens! All crouched down preparing the jump and there you get frozen or baked . . . .or whatever . . . .finished before you really start.

Keep checkin' in. Something is bound to appear soon!! Meanwhile, guests are coming this afternoon from out of town and I am off to prep the dinner and party for this evening . . . .instead of painting. (Friends matter too, Mike! Life can't be all at the easel!) Actually, considering that Santa is in the neighborhood, I might as well enjoy the moment . . . .I mean, when you think about it, this really IS the important stuff! So, I will be trying to get to the easel, but there is sooooo much QUALITY TIME to be spent with others in the next few weeks, that daily painting . . . . . . . .well . . .I don't have to explain it. "HO HO HO !!" will suffice

Meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying the holiday season and that it is good to you and your loved ones! All the best from our house to yours!