More French Characters

"Fromage Anyone?"
oil on linen panel, 8" x 10"
Today was nice, but not as spontaneous as the last few paintings. Not sure why. Maybe, I am naming THINGS (like shirt, shelf, cheese, sign, sleeve, nose, etc) instead of painting shapes of color and value.
Oh well . . .! It was better than working! ;-)
This guy was famous on our trip to France last summer. He was notorious for holding his knife at the point where the customer said to cut a wedge off the side of a cheese slab . . . then, just as he was moving into the downstroke with the knife, he would move it so the wedge was larger than the customer wanted. At 45 Euros per kg, that isn't a casual slip of the knife . . . .that translates to $30 per pound!
I couldn't resist his face, though. He even looks a little rougue-ish, don't you think? :-)
Maybe if I sell this painting, it'll make up for the cheese I purchased from him! heh heh !! ;-)