Who Could Possibly Resist?

The "Workstation"

Blocking it in . . .

More Progress . . .

The development of the final piece starts here . . . .color variation, edge management, texture, shape modifications, color saturations and temperature adjustments . . .until sunset.

"Field of Impressions"
oil on canvas panel, 12" x 16"

The coast can be damp and cold at this time of year. Yesterday, that just wasn't so! It was 75 degrees and gloriously sunny at the water's edge . . .and I couldn't wait to get out and paint. So, I drove 40 miles up the coast, made a dozen stops and took nearly 100 photos (for rainy days!. I finally landed in this little secluded field, freshly planted with artichokes that were so small I nearly stepped on them. And the light was shifting into afternoon, slanted, shadow producing light that was nearly blinding. In a Tee shirt, I was in a hypnotic state. Whadda day it was!!

Ala Peter Yesis, who lives in Omaha, I am offerring up some progress shots of the day. . . . . . . . .......Thought you'd be interested.
Toward sunset, my setup took a wind blast broadside. The umbrella did the expected and became a spinaker. In sailing, that is a huge bulging sail that collects wind and makes for speed. You can imagine what happened. I don't need to explain. I will say, though, that I got some extra solvent and paint on me that I hadn't planned on . . . .if you get my drift. ;-)
I'd do it again and again. Who could resist a day like that?!!

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