Sand and Ice

"Sand and Ice"
oil on canvas panel, 12" x 16"

I have been overtaken by ice plant. Red Ice Plant.

The way sand blows on our beaches is no different than other sandy places. On the Monterey Penninsula grasses and ice plant hold the sand from forming huge dunes or sand drifts accross roads.

The paths on beaches and how the ice place grows around them, combined with the windblown Monterey Cypress trees . . . . and the color . . . . make that area a magical place. Most who see paintings and photos of that area do not believe the colors if they have never seen it in person. Every time I see it, it takes hold of me!

This painting is larger than the studies I did in the two previous pieces . . . .I found myself caught in the textures of the 'needles' of the ice plant. A break of 24 hours was needed to regain my senses and remember that I was making a PAINTING ! Not making a photo copy.

I used several photos as reference material to make this painting. It took a while to do, but it finally came together . . . .every one I make teaches me somehthing new!!! I suppose you can tell I LOVE this stuff . . . . painting, I mean.

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