Edge Discovery !

"Receding Fog"
oil on canvas panel, 8" x 10"

Wow! This one excites me! A complex piece it is with many different color intensities, values, and temperatures. With all the different degrees of aerial perspective and places for different levels of soft versus hard edges, this was a challenge waiting to slap me around a bit.

From the moment I blocked it in, I knew this was going to be a nifty piece from the big dark shape that dominates the painting. Settle that shape in amongst all the different textures and near neutral colored negative space, and the design calls to be noticed!

I have been struggling for months attempting to learn how to soften edges . . .and to do it convincingly. I think today was the day to find out. It was do that or go down in flames. It just came to me naturally today. . . .I found myself doing it as though I had done it hundreds of times before! There is an old saying; When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I must have been ready today. (I am dancing!!!! :-)) )

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