You Had to Be There!

The Yosemite Display

The Garden Wall . . .both oils and watercolors

The Dining Area display . . .all small oils

Well, it's not over, yet. There are two weekends to go. We had a moderate turn out on Saturday and had a great crowd on Sunday. A number of things sold from every category! I will be making note of those paintings previously posted that have sold later. Today I have to complete some nagging things including a doctor's visit that I have been postponing. Hopefully, the studio will be smelling like turp this afternoon!

I heard some comments such as, "OMG!! This is NOTHING like we have seen on the blog!!" or, "These are spectacular! They look nothing like they did on the computer!" or, "Holy Cow!! These are amazing! They are everywhere!!"

The last comment is near true. There are paintings all over the house, the outdoors and the studio. There are a few missing from early sales, but there is still soooo much to see.

These is what some of the set up looked like on Saturday Morning just before we opened. The black walled display is our dining room. The set up outside . . .the masonite peg board wall has to be built for this event . . .then taken down, disassembled and put away till next year.

I sure hope you can come by this weekend or next!!