"Impressions of Sims Road"
oil on canvas on panel, 8" x 10"
The workshop is finished. Open Studio is over (so over!!!). Daughter's engagement soire' was a blast. I could not wait to get out and paint this morning. The sun was out first thing. I ran to pull my stuff together and scramble to the site (one block away!). By the time I arrived, the fog had rolled in and enveloped everything so badly I could hardly see it.
I said, "Okay. This is what we paint: fog!" 40 minutes into the painting, it all broke and the sun came out. Change or stay with the plan? I changed.
After so many weeks and days of not being able to get out and paint, this was like a drink of cool water on a sweltering day! I had fun!! And I noticed that I am waaaay out of practice!
I know just how to fix that!! I'll be out there tomorrow, if it isn't raining.

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