Can Anyone Hear Me?

Can anyone hear me wimpering 'uncle?'

Can anyone hear me yelling at all? I am so tired, it seems I could go to sleep for a week or more!

But it is probably better that you don't hear. No one likes complaining. So, here is a run down of excuses why I haven't been oil painting.

10. I stayed up too late watching "The Bachelor" last night. (huh? Whaas thaaat?)
9. I awoke waaaay too early this morning. ( so? )
8. I ran out of titanium white. (doubtful!)
7. I have nothing to paint on, like canvas or linen. ( so, uh, what's that big roll in your studio?)
6. The buyers have been ringing the phone 24/7 begging for more work. (Beeee Essss!)
5. I have been lost in deeeeeep meditation. (You've ALWAYS been lost, dude!)
4. I ran out of gas. (That is simply impossible, knowing you, Bailey) (ahem!)
3. I am stuck on what I should teach at the upcoming workshop. (You????)
2. While I am busy all weekend hosting people at open studio, my honey-do list has balooned.

And the number one reason why I haven't been painting . . . . .

1. I have spent nearly every spare moment preparing for the upcoming color workshop to be given in Murphys, California

And furthermore . . . . . I am rising early running to the studio and digging in to make charts, color wheels, puzzles and exercises. Making and painting wood blocks to paint . . .and more. . . . .while I keep everything perfectly neat, and re-tidy, for this weekend's last open studio session. (Uncle!!)(Enuff, already!!)

Soon, everyone! Soon!!