Before I Go . . . .

"Five Pears"
oil on linen/panel, 8" x10"

Before I go, I had to reacquaint myself with some special feelings . . . .those that run through my arm and abdomen when I am smearing oil paint on a canvas.

After not painting oils for at least 3 weeks, I couldn't go another day without schmearing a little color around. I have much to get done today . . .dismantle the open studio show, put the house back together, finish up my workshop preparations, then leave in the morning for a week to teach the workshop and attend to some important family matters . . .another marriage in the family is on the horizon!

So, before I get to work and before I leave, I just HAD to make some hasty marks about these five pears . . . .(there are only four now . . . I just ate one of the delicious, juicy rascals!) . . .no time for perfection today . . .just move some paint and get reacquainted. Monday next I begin again painting daily. Can't wait!!

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