Saturday Attempt

"Mist in The Air"
oil on linen on panel, 8" x 10"
Today is Saturday. There is no way I can be at the easel for longer than 20 minutes when Diana is in the house. Her presence is a continuous distraction when I am trying to concentrate. Hell!! I have been distracted since the day I met her!!! ;p)) One just can't avoid that uplifting, positive energy she brings to every day. I often say, "she packs the sunshine where ever she goes."
I was hoping for an experimental approach today that would reveal some truth to me. No cigar. No truth today. Some days the truth vending machine is just simply stopped up. I suppose the pressure of the work that needs to be completed for open studio is starting to have an effect. I am not listening to the brush or giving my total focus to the colors and textures today.
In the daily painting project, there is always tomorrow. Saturday is no different, except there will be no posting tomorrow . . . .it's Sunday. See ya Monday!

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