"Ipmpressions of a Yosemite Dusk"
Watercolor, 22 x 30
Every year at this time the crunch comes. That is to prep for open studio here at my house and studio. It's a monumental task. Huge.

One of the things that happens is that I fall into a 'discovery' process. I open my flat files full of attempts and finished pieces (watercolor) from the previous 11 months. Usually, I find a piece that is in dire need of work. I had put it away because I could not resolve something in the painting. This is one of those. I pulled out the pieces and there, on the bottom was this. A morass of wimpy glazes with no commitment one way or the other. Today's effort was the resurrection of this piece. It is an impression only . . .a dreamed up compostition which I had layed out prior to a painting trip to Yosemite last year.

Hope you like it. It's a little more commited than it was, that's for sure.

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