More Practice

"Tree Hook"
oil on canvas, 18 x 24

Sunday, I spent seven hours tidying up in my studio. Yuch! I found a warped canvas but didn't have the heart to pitch it out. So, today, resisting all temptation to do something more productive, I went for a bigger painting on that canvas. Used a big size 14 Flat brush and shoveled on the paint . . .wellllll . . . .I could use much more paint. I have to get over hedging a bit when I sqqueeze it out. I must say, however, I am much more generous than a mere two weeks ago. There are big piles of paint instead of dabs on my palette. I think it has to do with growing confidence.

This painting was a blast to attempt. Big arm moves. Big brush strokes. and fully considered strokes and stroke directions. Sorry about the color here. It just isn't as brilliant as in reality. A

The tree is speaking to me. I can see brush marks everywhere. And that big dark shadow in front is also speaking to me . . . .Like :This is WAAAAAY TOO DARK. The planes on the little cups (vases) to the right are showing different planes of light . . . .that is a bit of a breakthrough for me, too. I sorta like the look here.

Lotsa fun and more learning. I can feel the stroke 'stuff' starting to make sense. I actually THINK before touching the canvas! How weired is thaaaaaat? ;-)

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