A Dog With A Bone

"Lonely Beach"
watercolor, 7.5" x 22"
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Having finished my first cup of coffee at 4:45AM this morning, I was already at the easel and knew precisely what had to be done. After all, I had dreamt all night about it.

Yes, another painting of my beloved bluffs by the sea. This time it had to be a watercolor. Yesterday I painted a highly designed version of more bluffs. Before that I painted more bluffs and before that . . .etc. What it is that holds my fascination with this subject, I probably will never really know. It just does! I have been painting them for years and years . . .and not just recently . . . .my first versions were 17 years ago . . .and I have been doodling with them ever since. Maybe it is the shapes. Perhaps their directional movement. I don't know. They just ring my bell. Can't give 'em up. I am like a dog with a bone!

I am in the midst of preparing for open studio here at my home. The event will take place for three consecutive weekends . . . .it is a biiiiig job to get ready. This painting is part of that preparation. I am literally BUILDING a framed preview of my open studio event for the public to see. The frame will be 30" x 30" and will house seven matted paintings . . .six oils and one watercolor; this one. I plan to scribble on the mat a bit to draw attention and to inform. A marketing 'trick,' I admit. But it has to be done.

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