We are Back!

If you had to spend two weeks with people like this, would that be heaven . . .or what? These folks were soooo special! We really had a blast with each and every one of them!

One of the Medievil villages we spent time in . . .and the wonderful things to see, eat and do during these open market days certainly gave us plenty of painting subjects! I did one of this scene en plein aire . . . .and one of the group took it home toToronto.

Late in the trip, we visited the countess and her stunningly beautiful chateau and winery. This location proved to be a favorite of all of us. It also happened to be the site of the first battle in the 100 years war.

This is the quick watercolor painting I did for the countess as a gift of appreciation for hosting us at here unbelievable home. The scene above is what I was looking at while doing this piece. The attempt was to suggest the colors of autumn in the tightly pruned vineyards. What a place!!!

We are home!! After 3 weeks of looking at phenomenal art, touring, painting, eating, drinking, eating, touring, drinking, eating some more and having a few munchies now and then, with wine, of course, we arrived home and fell into bed. First thing this morning, I pulled up all the photos taken. These are a few that will give you a quick slice of the absolute Nirvana we experienced with some very special people. There will be more to show and tell later.
It's great to be home!