Watercolor Comments

"Hermetically Sealed"
oil on linen on panel, 6" x 8"

In the last post I mentioned it took about 15 minutes to paint that piece. That always amazes painters of other mediums because, in their mediums, every square inch has to be manually developed and hammered into place. With watercolor, (at least these are my habits and thoughts) if one allows the paint to flow and to mix without trying too hard to control it (impossible for some artists), the painting will paint itself. It is all in the way water flows in the presence of gravity. By allowing what happens naturally to exist, then a freshness and spontaneous feel occurs. It is a much different mind set than oils where the brush work is part of the art. The really cool thing about oils is that the hand of the artist becomes visible.

And speaking of oils . . . .this is the first piece done since returning from Europe. I found myself whistling and singing loudly while I was painting this. The paint was flowing fast and I was in my element. I suppose that is a sign of growing confidence with the medium, eh? That is not to say, however, that I am not of a mind to reach for new levels of painting. On the contrary, this artist is very restless inside . . . .ideas are perculating!