Trying to Restore Rhythm

"Knuckles & Strands"
oil on linen on panel, 8" x 10"

After nearly a month . . . .actually, it HAS BEEN a month! . . . .of breaking the habit if daily painting, restoring the rhythm has been difficult. Especially, since I have a JOB, too! Sometimes, the demands of my occupation as a realtor simply make daily painting impossible.

Yesterday, after a full day with a client, I shot out of the house to a place called "Lighthouse Field," which is very near the bluffs over the sea, for a return to plein air painting. I could hear the seals barking and the gulls calling. (nice!) The fog had come in, which took all shadow and highlights out of my painting subject. (not nice). And it was cold . . . . . and this is August!!!! . . .

I stuck it out . . . .or should I say I struggled it out. I can always tell when I am not in the zone if I get lost in textures . . . .and get lost I did!! In the end, I found that there wasn't enough value contrast between the top edge of the old log and the grasses behind it. So, I had to resort to some alternation and value changes along that edge to bring it to life this morning. Overall, I think I chose a tough subject and should probably go back for another attempt . . . and take a jacket with me!

In the meantime, I am settling back into routines that are more conducive to a painting every day. Diana is up and around and back to teaching and other distractions of the summer have settled down. I am ready to move ahead!

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